How to wax your board?

Waxing your board can be as simple as rub on wax witch all you have to do is rub the wax all over the bottom of your board. But that only last for one or two runs witch is good if you are competing in slope style (one run jumps and rails and mostly 3 heats) and in pipe. But if you want to have a wax that will last a wile then you should get a hot wax. The easiest way to wax your board is to go to a ski or snowboard shop and pay to have it done. But if you know ow to and you want to pay less then you can do it at your house. But if you don’t this is how to hot wax your board then I will go through how to wax your snowboard. First you need to buy a iron a bench (any flat surface will work) the right type of hot wax for the type of snow a scraper and a buffer (you can buy an extension for a drill so you don’t have to buy the expensive equipment) and a scraper. first you make sure that you dry the bottom of your board then touch the wax to your iron and let the wax drip all over the bottom of your board. Then you rub the wax around on you board with your iron. Make sure that there is not a lot of popping sounds because that would mean the bottom of your board would be to hot and it could ruin your board. Once the wax is all over the bottom of the board you need to scrap the bottom of your board with the scraper. You need to scrape off as much wax as you can. then you use your buffer and buff the bottom till the bottom of the board has no more wax on the bottom of your board. That is how you wax your board.

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What Do I Recommend For Equipment

First of if you are looking for a new snowboard do NOT get a burton. Burton uses the worst sidewalls (the thing holding your edge in place) and the worst core (the wood inside of the snowboard). So now you no what not to get now I will tell you what I recommend to get. If you are looking for a park board i will recommend a DC they are an all around park board like i ride a DC PBJ witch i love because it is a great rail board. But if you are looking for a more all mountain board then go with something like a lamar or flow. If you are looking for bindings then you might want to get something like technine or solomon. Boots are really just more personal liking. But remember you should not get a burton.

How To Backflip

Okay first you need to find a Poppy jump one that sends you pretty high in the air then hit it a few times so you know the speed that you need to clear the jump. Then you hit the jump with the same speed keep your knees bent and as you come of the jump through your body and look back. Once you spot your landing you see if you will finish your rotation if you are spinning to fast then you open up like the picture to the right, but if you are spinning to slow you need to pull your knees to your chest to make your rotation faster.
This is a good example

How to spin on a snowboard

Ok so you go to a mountain and you see people doing these awesome tricks on a snowboard and you want to learn. Well all you need to is follow these instructions and you will be doing it in no time .

All you need is a snowboard, bindings, boots, I recommend a helmet, and a nice jump.

Ok before you start trying to spin you need to strait air the jump and have the speed dialed in, then you should go a tinny bit faster and try to limit your speed check then you carve up the jump and hop of the jump with both feet try not to Ollie because it can through you of balance and you can end up falling. When you are in the air you NEED to try to spot your landing once you do that you can plan on your landing. So I thinklanding is the scariest parts of spinning because you need to first spot your landing then as you Finnish your r otation you need to use your legs to absorb the landing. Then you ri de away like nothing happened.

Now you no how to spin a ​snowboard, take this lesson to the slopes and lets see what you got. Thanks for reading this and now you should go take it to the slopes.Here’s a video

By Carson